Shiva Deliva was created to make Shivas as stress free as possible for mourners. Our easy to use registry allows a representative of the family to create a page with the funeral and shiva details, as well as provide preferences for specific meals as well as suggested donations to YOUR TEMPLE. Our website will link through directly to your temple’s donation page for a smooth, easy process. Through the simple click of a button, this page can be shared via email or social media to family and friends so they know all the details without repeatedly contacting the family. The registry page will allow for attendees to share how they are supporting the family during the Shiva time.

We'd like YOU to help us provide relief during this time of grief for these families by suggesting they register their funeral and shiva details on ShivaDeliva.com. In appreciation of your support and in partnership with Shiva Deliva, we will plant a tree in Israel in memory of the deceased on behalf of YOUR TEMPLE or SYNAGOGUE for each registry created by your recommendation.

Please share ShivaDeliva.com with those planning their memorial services with you. In team, we can provide "Peace of mind during a difficult time."

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