What Is Shiva?

Nobody wants to be in a situation where they are mourning a loved one, but it does happen throughout our lives. In the event of the passing of a close family member, Jewish people observe a traditional mourning period known as "Shiva". In Hebrew, Shiva means "seven", corresponding to the number of days the traditional mourning period lasts after the funeral.

During this difficult time, friends and family of the mourning offer comfort through a visit during one of the Shiva calls (designated hours to which the family is open for visitors). People may also choose to bring or send food or snacks to the Shiva house to help console the mourners, as well as provide food to others visiting.

Shiva Deliva was created with this thought process in mind. First and foremost, we want to provide comfort to the mourning families by having a central location where family and friends can easily find important and pertinent information. The Shiva Deliva Registry allows the mourner (or a representative from the family) to create a profile for the deceased that includes complete funeral and Shiva details. Users can seamlessly set up a calendar of Shiva calls including dates and times, the types of meals that are preferred and the expected number of people. This information can easily and privately be shared across social media platforms or email via our “easy-share” buttons that are included on every registered Shiva.

In addition, Shiva Deliva understands that family and friends are not always close by. When loved ones reside out of town, many people are unsure of where to purchase food and comfort items to send. For this purpose we created the Shiva Deliva Directory. Users can quickly and easily search by city to locate preferred delis, restaurants, bakeries and specialty stores that are nearest to the Shiva house.